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Company Secretarial services relate to any filings that need to be made with Companies House, including changes to the details held on file for a company, the Annual Confirmation Statement and filing Filleted Accounts.


All limited companies that are registered with Companies House are required to file an annual confirmation statement and filleted accounts with Companies House each year.


The Annual Confirmation Statement was introduced on 30 June 2016 and replaces what was previously known as the Annual Return.  This must be filed with Companies House every year to ensure that the information held on record about your company, such as its Directors and Shareholders, is accurate and up-to-date.  If there have been any changes or anything is incorrect, the details can changed/corrected at the time of completing the Annual Confirmation Statement.  


The Annual Confirmation Statement must be filed withing 14 days of the anniversary date of the company being formed (this date can be found on the Certificate of Incorporation).  A filing fee is also paid at the same time to ensure the company is registered for a further 12 months.  This is currently £13 if the confirmation statement is filed online or £40 if the confirmation statement is filed by post.  


Companies are also required to file Filleted Accounts with Companies House 9 months after their financial year end.  Filleted Accounts are prepared using the full accounts that need to be filed with HMRC, but only give an overview of the accounts without including all the details that make up the figures.  


If you are uncomfortable about making changes or filing the confirmation statement with Companies House The Book Monitor is licenced to provide company secretarial services and can carry out these services on your behalf.



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