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Why you'll love Quickbooks
A short overview of Quickbooks Online accounting software
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Excel Spreadsheets


One of the easiest ways for small businesses to keep their accounting records is by using an Excel spreadsheet.  This is great if your business only has a few transactions each month, and The Book Monitor can provide you with a basic template to help get you started.  



However, once your business starts to grow, using accounting software to keep track of your accounts becomes a much better option: 



Quickbooks Online


We teamed up with Quickbooks Online in 2017 in order to help our clients get their accounting records into the cloud, enabling them to run their business from anywhere, on any device.  As Making Tax Digital (MTD) starts to be rolled out by HMRC over the next few years, we have chosen Quickbooks as our preferred online accounting software provider for our clients as we believe it offers much more to the customer than some of the competitors.  We offer our clients a discount on the monthly subscription fees and can also provide training to get you up and running with the software.



VT+ Transactions


We've used VT+ Transactions since we started, to keep accounting records for our in-house clients.  It is very user friendly and, in our opinion, a very good bookkeeping option.  We can offer all the necessary training and support you may need if you would like to use this software for your own business.



Xero Cloud Accounting


We regularly use Xero, which is another cloud accounting package, to maintain the accounting records for some of our clients.  Some of these clients trade overseas, including trading in foreign currencies, and have a significant number of transactions being processed each week.  Again, we can offer comprehensive training and support if you decide that you would like to maintain your accounting records using Xero.



Sage Training and Support


Sage has been the accounting software of choice for many years and is often recommended by banks to small businesses and start-ups.  With more than twenty years experience using Sage accounting software we can provide you with all the necessary training and support you will need in order to maintain your own accounts using Sage software.





In 2018 we started using ReceiptBank, an online program that allows you to securely store all of your invoices and receipts digitally in the cloud, getting rid of the need to keep hold of all those loose pieces of paper!  ReceiptBank can be used via the internet or via an app on your phone, or you can email purchase invoices directly to your account (or arrange for your supplier to email them directly).  It can also be integrated with various  accounting software programs, such as QuickBook and Xero.  


To find out more please contact us.




From setting up your accounts on the various software programs listed above through to maintaining your accounting records, The Book Monitor can show you how to use your chosen software program(s) effectively and help if you get stuck or have any problems.



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